Art Murmur Gallery is pleased to present “Metroscapes” – an artistic investigation of urbanism in the 21st century. The urban landscape has a rich tradition in art history, from townscapes in the 1600’s by Dutch masters, including Vermeer and Hals, to cityscapes in the 1800’s by German painters such as Eduard Gaertner. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, the human struggle inherent in the industrialization of cities in Europe and America was compassionately depicted by the Social Realist painters. Later, with the ascendance of modernism, movements such as Cubism and Futurism interrogated the arrival of mechanization, often centered in the cities. In more recent years, contemporary artists have explored the changing face of urbanism and the city itself. With explosive suburbanization, the emergence of the exurb, and the preeminence of architecture and design, the very concept of the city is being transformed. In Los Angeles, with the duality of downtown renewal and metropolitan expansion in our direct view, Art Murmur has assembled a range of artistic commentary on the present state of the city, both literally and metaphorically.

Artists include: Len Davis, Fallenfruit, Leandra Hinrichs, J’Brenta Jordan, Daniel Kempton, David Knudsen, Marco Menendez, Janna Stern, Michael Ward, and Yoffy



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