Art Murmur Gallery came together in 2005 as the joint venture of artist/artist representative Leandra Hinrichs and art historian/collector Stephen Kramer. The result of their blended vision is an art space devoted to two main objectives - exhibiting a high level of artistic technique and skill, and creatively communicating the ever-changing position of art in the world, past and present. Thus, the following have emerged as basic tenets of Art Murmur Gallery:

1. Art Murmur is dedicated to showcasing the artwork of Los Angeles' most promising young and emerging contemporary artists.

2. Art Murmur consistently compares and contrasts the sensibility of the local contemporary art scene with other areas of interest in the United States and the world.

3. Art Murmur mounts thematic exhibitions that promote discussion on current issues of interest and concern. Such exhibitions have included social, political, and economic themes, as well as important artistic trends and movements.

4. And lastly, Art Murmur is located in downtown Los Angeles, which is in the midst of exciting urban renewal. Art Murmur is delighted to be among the small group of dedicated businesses that are doing their part to facilitate this revitalization.

Most of all, Art Murmur Gallery remains committed to witnessing and artistically documenting the changing cultural and sociological landscape of Los Angeles as it relates to the increasingly interconnected global community.


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