"Democracy is like the experience of life itself - always changing, infinite in its variety, sometimes turbulent and all the more valuable for having been tested for adversity." - Jimmy Carter

SATURDAY, JANUARY 28, 2006, 8 pm
Art Murmur Gallery is proud to present "LETTERS TO THE PRESIDENT."

M.S. GARVEY performs his acclaimed one-man show, accompanied by the music of SATELLITE CLASS.

Garvey has consistently been writing letters to President George W. Bush for three years, expressing his thoughts and concerns on democracy and freedom. These letters serve as the backdrop for this performance art piece. Of the nearly 100 letters written, only one letter has received a response...

"Dear Mr. President, Great job. Was wondering if I could have a signed picture of yourself. Sincerely M.S. Garvey." In just a few days after sending off this letter, Garvey's request was granted. In the mail came his very own autographed photo of our president, George W. Bush. Date of post? March 20, 2003 - the very day the U.S. and its allies launched "Operation Iraqi Freedom."

Come and celebrate our American way of life. Witness a true lover of this country exercise his right to free speech in a very entertaining way!

Suggested donation at door - $5. Call gallery to reserve a seat 213.623.2332.


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