October 12 - November 22, 2006
Opening Reception - October 12, 7-10 pm (during Downtown Art Walk)

Health care costs are rising at three times the rate of inflation, yet the number of uninsured Americans increases every year. Many believe our current system of market-driven health care is on the verge of collapse. The pharmaceutical industry grows increasingly commercialized and politicized, even as a series of recall scandals rocks the foundation of drug research and development. The rapid advance of genetic medicine presents an array of ethical dilemmas with powerful religious and political overtones, including embryonic stem cell research, cloning, organ harvesting, and genetic testing for disease. The changing face of the AIDS epidemic highlights global inequality and pharmaceutical greed.

Art Murmur views the converging of these issues as an opportunity for artistic interpretation and commentary. We have invited our resident artists and solicited the work of artists around the country and internationally to present their artistic vision of our collective state of health.

Artists include: Katrina Bea, Jeremy Corbell, Len Davis, Alex Feliciano, GRONK, Laszlo Gyorffy, Leandra Hinrichs, Lisa Holland, J’Brenta Jordan, Trek Kelly, Daniel Kempton, Robert Lebsack, Jeannie McKendry, Colleen Mulligan, Rachel Peterson, Sara Simon, and Janna Stern




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