Artistic examination of automobiles and motorcycles of past and present.


From the Detroit muscle car of the late 60’s and early 70’s, to the super-hip West Coast Chopper. These big engine machines exude raw masculine power, yet are ironically, most definitely feminine in form. With "Sexy Beasts," Art Murmur Gallery seeks to commemorate these remarkable machines, while at the same time examine the paradox that is sleek icy beauty versus red-blooded untamed brawn.

Above image: Cheryl Kelley, "Cleavage" oil on canvas, 12.5 x 30.5 in. 

Row 1: (L) JetWrench, "Flat," acrylic on paper board, 12 x 15 in., 2007
(Middle) Nash, "Morning Calm," C-print, 14 x 18 in., 1998
(R) Makoto, "Gold Rush," enamel on canvas, 9 x 19 in., 2007

Row 2: (L) Jill Davis, "Chieftan," C-print, 11 x 14 in., 2004
(R) Sara Ray, "Homewrecker," oil on canvas, 22 x 28 in., 1999

Row 3: (L) Dan Collins, "Loose Nuts," watercolor on parchment, 18 x 24 in., 2007
(R) Charlie Patton, "Iron Jack," oil and gold leaf on linen, 48 x 78 in., 2006

Row 4: Keith Weesner, "Strong Mixture," signed/numbered giclee print, 9 x 17 in., 2007


Artists in show: Yun Bai, Jon Bell, Dave Burke, Jimmy Coffin, Dan Collins, Johnny Crap, Jill Davis, Steve Frenkel, Mr. G, Sam Gambino, Grimb, J’Brenta Jordan, Cheryl Kelley, Makoto Kobayashi, Charlie Patton, Sara Ray, Jake Smith, Tim Walker, Michael Ward, Wish, Keith Weesner, Jet Wrench, Nash Yoshii





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