An exhibition and competition exploring sexuality and gender.


February 10 – March 24, 2007

The “BATTLE” portion of the exhibition is between the artists and based on gender. Which gender is the better artist? The public will decide.


Brian Biedul (L.A.) - theoretical architecture paintings which have received national art press attention;
Michael Brodeur (Greenville, S.C.) - detailed still life paintings of romantic love’s detritus;
Dave Burns (L.A.) - conceptual based installation interrogating gender and sexual power politics;
Sam Frazier (San Diego) - homoerotic mixed media photo collages;
Robert Lebsack (Long Beach) - mannerist styled paintings of group sexual encounters;
Samer Rafey (Lebanon) - works depicting human sexuality, comingled with religious & political turmoil;
Rodney Wallace (Denver) - Pop-influenced paintings of deconstructed modern iconography;
Yoffy (L.A.) - Neo-Pop color studies of reproductive and sexual images;
Austin Young (L.A.) - stunning photographic character portraits of the transgendered.


Regina Allen (L.A.) - stylized mixed media meditations on contemporary conceptions of femininity;
Barbie Brady (L.A.) - pop nuanced installation art, and lowbrow sexualized portrait paintings;
Gioj De Marco (L.A.) - comic-inspired photography juxtaposing female sexuality with heroic/male archetypes; Leandra Hinrichs (L.A.) - photorealistic action scene paintings with sadomasochistic undertones;
Lisa Holland (Atlanta) - surrealistic explorations in drawing of the complex relationships between women;
J’Brenta Jordan (Taos) - delicately patterned works depicting the symbiosis of the male/female relationship;
Colleen Mulligan (New York) - semi-figurative paintings celebrating aspects of female sexuality;
Rachel Schmidhofer (L.A.) - cropped, abstracted painting vignettes emphasizing the intimacy between lovers;
Betty Shelton (Laguna Beach) - finely composed oils of female nudes in the tradition of Venuses and muses;
Melanie Waldman (L.A.) - installation sculpture detailing current culture wars over the sanctity of marriage;
Cindy Workman (New York)
- provocative mixed-media works commenting on contemporary gender politics.

With the diversity of artists and media presented, Battle of the Sexes promises to be Art Murmur Gallery’s most compelling exhibition to date.



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