Art Murmur Gallery is pleased to present “BIG BABIES,” an exhibition exploring the psychology of modern consumerism.

Three visually diverse artists – JIM CARON, YAYA CHOU, and PAMELA GRAU TWENA interrogate the plasticity of contemporary culture with a sense of playful sarcasm.

Jim Caron has been creating comic madness within the pages of Coagula Art Journal for 12 years. Most recently, he has let loose his imagination and inner reflections onto large scale canvas. The resulting visual display is a candy-colored spectacle for the eyes. The intertwining, anthropomorphic subjects in his paintings wryly comment on current cultural behavior.

Yaya Chou’s work explores the dichotomy found within highly developed societies. Western cultures, for example, worship youth yet fail to provide adequate protection for their young. Children are fed harmful artificial ingredients in foods that inevitably cause damage. Through color and taste children are seduced into gluttony and overindulgence.

Pamela Grau Twena paints baby bodies engaged in silent disconnected dialogues. They are psychological metaphors for the "wounded child," a state of angst that simmers in many of us. Her paintings refer to an inner voice that pleads for expression but is trapped in childhood constructions. The babies’ self-centered nature reflects modern day society’s unquenchable need to have it all.

The universal theme of innocence and the fall from grace has been explored by artists for millennia. Please join Art Murmur Gallery in its contemporary interrogation of this provocative and venerable theme.



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