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Paul Pitsker was born near San Francisco in 1963. Though his artistic talent showed itself early, art as a career did not occur to him until his senior year in college, when he enrolled in a beginning level drawing class. That class so powerfully inspired him that it completely changed his mind about what he would do with his life.

Since then, he has exhibited widely throughout Southen California, in numerous solo and group shows in the company of renowned artists such as Peter Alexander, George Herms, John Baldessari, Yoko Ono, and Ed Ruscha. He has also received favorable notices by art historian Peter Frank and curator Alma Ruiz (Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles).

In his "Strange Angels" series of oils on canvas, and his watercolor depictions of insects and small creatures, Pitsker is concerned with transformative states, existential dread and annihilation. The hyper-realistic yet dreamy quality of the watercolors is intended through their melodrama as a kind of existential passion play. The hybrid human/bird figures in "Strange Angels" exist in a surrealistic tableau that similarly evokes a spiritual enquiry. With citations as varied as ancient Egyptian mythology and Franz Kafka, Pitsker challenges the viewer to find personal meaning in small enigmatic spectacles of life, death and transformation.

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