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Alex Feliciano was born in Miami, Florida in 1975. He began drawing and painting as a young boy. Early in his education, he became immersed in the burgeoning graffiti movement. Later, he studied watercolor and landscape painting with Bob Gross of Nova University. This dual education made a distinct impact on Feliciano as a painter and muralist, and is still evident in his work today.

In 2000, Feliciano moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he participated in many group exhibitions, and continued honing his skills as an artist. He helped organize and run a weekly life-drawing workshop. In addition, he co-founded an artist collective, “The Creative Life,” with collaborators John Tindel, Maxwell Sebastian and Michi. The group launched various thematic gallery exhibitions, such as “Red Black and White” – a show consisting exclusively of paintings created using only the colors red, black and white. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2004, Feliciano’s work has continued to develop. On a daily basis, he adds to his thousands of pages of sketchbooks. The artist strongly believes in the purity and nuance gained from life drawing and painting as opposed to working from photographs or with the aid of computers. This philosophy of creating lends a deeply psychological undercurrent to much of his work.

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