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Yun Bai was born in Beijing, China in 1979 and later moved with her family to the United States. In 2001 Bai graduated from Agnes Scott College in Atlanta with a BA in studio art and a minor in economics and business. Bai's art addresses such universal themes as social, racial and sexual discrimination, as well as the endless store of human desire.

Yun Bai was singled out by Peter Frank of the LA Weekly as one of LA's "Top 10 Emerging Artists,” and was recently featured in New American Paintings, (2006 Pacific Coast Edition). Bai has become widely known for her arresting “Porn Flower” paintings. Citing influences as diverse as the ancient Chinese brush painters to Picasso with his iconic “Desmoiselles D’Avignon.” Bai’s shimmering resin coated tableaus are a query into the modern obsession and objectification of women’s bodies and sexuality. Unlike the great (male) pre-modern and modern artists who were at once awed and intimidated by the feminine form, Bai’s 21st century version offers the woman’s viewpoint that permits and extols acceptance of her own sexuality. Flowers are presented as metaphors for the beautiful and feminine life-giving form. The unique synthesis of influences and techniques results in exquisite and stunningly original work.

Recently, Yun Bai let emerge an alter ego – “yunnybunny.” Yunnybunny arose out of an attempt from Bai to channel her more innocent, playful self. The work created by yunnybunny serves to complement the more sexually expressive approach of the Porn Flowers. Although yunnybunny employs a more primitive sensibility in her art, as well as a much more introspective temperament, she also shares many qualities with her progenitor – such as a feminist concern and a “benevolent rebelliousness.”

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